Baston Pre-School child learning

We provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment which encourages the social, physical, creative and intellectual development of every child, helping them grow into an independent, enquiring individual.  Through a caring environment, a balance of structured learning and investigative play, we provide a framework for a healthy and sound start to school life.

Baston Pre-School children playing
Baston Pre-School child learning
Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Emotional wellbeing is paramount, and we endeavour to work in harmony with each child's development.  We help children to develop positive relationships with their peers by encouraging them to play kindly and respectfully and to follow simple behavioural rules.  Children do activities in small groups and get accustomed to the idea of learning alongside others, sharing, taking turns and being helpful to their peers.  Children make strong relationships with their teachers which form an important part of their emotional development.

Communication & Language

Children are introduced to stories, rhymes, poems, songs and role play.  They are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas and are always listened to by their teachers.  We provide many opportunities, both one-to-one and during small group activities, where children are encouraged to speak out to build their confidence and to develop their vocabulary. 

Physical Development

We have an outstanding outdoor space which we use every day.  Children can play freely on our all-weather surface and enjoy our climbing and balancing equipment, playhouses, slides, balls, scooters and black-boards, and small groups of children love spending time in our nature garden.  Indoors, children learn to handle and use a range of objects to encourage good hand-eye coordination and to develop fine motor skills.

Understanding the World

We help children to make sense of their physical world and their community through activities designed to explore, observe and discover people, places, technology and their environment.  We celebrate all key events throughout the year, including Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Harvest Festival and Remembrance Day.


Children begin to learn numbers, firstly counting forwards and backwards, and then adding on and taking away.  We sing songs to help with counting and ordering and we talk about size, weight, capacity, position, distance, time and money.  


Children are introduced to books from the time they start with us in Lower Kindergarten and start to learn basic phonic sounds.  When they move to Upper Kindergarten they start our reading scheme and take books home to read with their family.  Children learn phonic letter sounds and are encouraged to recognise and write the letters, building up to writing full words.

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